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Welcome, my Lord/Lady to the Domus of Lukas Claudius Antonius, Senator and Legatus of the Roman army. Please have a seat and allow me to fetch some wine for you to drink, and water to be brought to wash your feet.

I will tell my master Antonius that you were here to visit him. Shall I give him a message? If so, please give it to me and I will deliver it on to him. He is a very busy man. If you need to see him in person, he may likely be found at the Senate House sitting among the liberals of the Senate. (Note: I do not currently have any profile on here for him.)

If he is not at the Senate, my Lord/Lady, then he may be found at the baths or Gymnasium where such men congregate and socialize.

This is the sitting room where my master entertains his guests. May I fetch you some fresh fruit to refresh you? Perhaps some bread?

My Master's wife is away at the market purchasing another slave to arrange her hair. (She has purchased quite a few over the years, none too satisfied with any of them.) She may be back later this evening. If you have a message for her, I will be glad to deliver it to her for you.

You have reached the doorway to my master's courtyard. Do come out and relax as you like, my Lord/Lady. I will leave you alone now. If you need me, you need only call, clap, or tell one of the many other slaves to fetch me for you.

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