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That of our lives and ending shows
How transitory we be all day.
This matter is wonderous precious,
And sweet to bear away.
The story saith,-Man, in the beginning,
Look well, and take good heed to the ending,
Be you never so gay!
Ye think sin in the beginning full sweet,
Which in the end causeth thy soul to weep,
When the body lieth in clay.
Introduction to Everyman

Up until her mother's death Alix had few cares in the world. Her whims controlled the lives of every single servant in Nablus. The vision of her future involved the glittering and thriving courts of Europe, and not the dusty, hot desert where she grew up. But fate always has a way of making you dread what you wished for.

Alix found herself wed to Wulgrin, Count of Angoulême, a man who already had a young daughter and buried a wife. Alix thought she would never miss the hot, dry summers of Outremer, nor her father's court filled with Byzantine Dowager Queens, scheming uncles and a second step-mother, but she did. When her husband died, she was all too happy to return to her home, but Jerusalem had changed just as she had. While she matured, the politics and climate of her homeland deteriorated.

Full Name: Alixéne d'Ibelin
Birth: Ramla, in the Year of our Lord, 1160
Father: Baldwin of Ibelin
Mother: Richilde de Bethsan
Siblings: Thomas, Stephanie and Marguerite

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Kingdom of Conscience

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Isabella of Jerusalem
Philippe de Trencavel

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A very exciting rescue-action. Well done, my lady!
Jan 03, 2011 01:19 am

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