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a.k.a. the Peacemaker

Born in the outskirts of Quila, Elric Crowley was a swarthy mountain of a man, a half-blooded Cheroquois. Elric spent his formative years living among his mother's people, who called the lad Sunset Grizzliak for his ruddy hair and ursine totem (an indication of Marooner ancestry). From the Cheroquois he learned to be one with Nature, to live in harmony with its bounty, and to let its life force flow through him, invigorating and enhancing his magic. When Elric eventually returned to his father's people, Elric's stature and natural talent for magic made him a legend-inspiring spellsword, working for the Royal Quilan Navy. Still a young man by the conclusion of the wars, Elric took to the lawless Dust, where he found employment as a sheriff. "The Peacemaker" eventually lost a high-noon spell-out, but not before fathering a son, Conan D. Greywords Crowley.
a.k.a. the Hangman
a.k.a. the Undertaker

Conan inherited many things from his famous father: his piercing blue eyes, his towering height, his skill in spellcraft, his desire to see lawbreakers punished. He did not inherit his father's muscular build, nor his desire to bring lawbreakers in alive. Conan's dark obsession with death came at a young age; only his own strong moral compass kept him from becoming a psychopathic killer himself. Instead, Conan took to the profession of bounty hunting, quickly developing a reputation for bringing his quarry back in a pine box. 9 months after a one-night stand with a beautiful dark-eyed bar wench, a tiny mewling parcel with piercing blue eyes was left on his doorstep. Naming his daughter Serenity, Conan left her in the care of the Bookman sisters (Michelle, Maggie, and Anita) before disappearing into the Dust, presumably to dance with death one final time.

* It has been jokingly suggested that Conan's initial of "D" stands for Death. The far more mundane truth is that it stands for Doyle.

Conan's daughter by an unknown woman, Serenity was raised by the Bookman sisters. As Serenity grew into a tall, buxom blonde, many lads trekked to the Bookman Farm with the intention of courting Serenity, without success. From each suitor, her guardians demanded the payment of a book (hence the family name), and their contributions created an impressive library. It wasn't until Serenity took a holiday to her coastal Quilan roots that her heart was won over one night by an impossibly beautiful stranger with dark, haunting eyes. The stranger disappeared by morning, leaving Serenity pregnant with twins whom she would name Julian Wolfwood Crowley and Prudence Lena-Leigh Crowley. Serenity died when her children were seven, from the hyper-aging sting of a rare Meduselah scorpion.
Michelle Bookman
the Healer
The eldest of the Bookman sisters. Michelle is an accomplished healer, whose greatest shame is failing to save Serenity from the Meduselah scorpion. Michelle is cool and collected under pressure, a trait that serves her well in her other passion in life: archery. Michelle is the primary breadwinner for the Bookman family, supplementing her healing work with archery contests and occasional work translating ancient Maotec texts into the modern tongue. In fact, Michelle holds the distinction of being one of the foremost experts on ancient languages in the Greenlands.
Margaret "Maggie" Bookman
the Alchemist
Maggie Bookman is the quintessential strong, silent type. Shy and withdrawn around those she does not know well, Maggie tends to express herself primarily through stories that she writes under the pseudonym of Clementine Samuelson. Maggie is incredibly strong and durable, a result of accidentally imbibing a fortifying potion (whose toxic effects were survived thanks to Michelle's skills as a healer). Maggie is far more competent as an alchemist and mage than she lets on due to her near-crippling shyness. Fortunately, she was able to teach her skills far better than she could ever let herself perform them herself.
Anita Bookman
the Sorceress
Anita Bookman, by far the youngest of the Bookman sisters, was herself a young girl when Serenity Crowley was adopted, and therefore took on the role of "big sister" to young Serenity. As such, she was understandably devastated when she watched her little sister age and wither before her eyes. Anita was a sorceress of some repute, able to manipulate elemental forces with frightening ease. In her anguish over Serenity's death, Anita burned out her magic, as well as the life essence of the surrounding meadow, in a wild casting that left her body half-crippled and allowed into her world a shadowy being that flickered into solidity before vanishing to parts unknown.

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