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It is just like me to fall into love blindly with a reckless abandon like an emotional whirlwind… I am after all a Romantic at heart. Of course I get a laugh when people say “Hopeless” Romantic because that is just so wrong… all romantics have is hope. We live on hope. We also live on of tea and oranges, but that is a rather different story…

Hope?… I can’t quite place it… which is also fine since it really is unimportant to what I want to talk about… which was falling in love blindly with a reckless abandon like an emotional whirlwind… or… to fall in love and scare the proverbial out of the person on the other end… which oddly is the usual response… so I expect that. I have wondered why that is since in conversation many seem to desire such a thing to happen.

The close one suggests that it is because I am a poet of a rather dour nature… her nice way of saying morose or depressing… and that people are “concerned” that I will write about them in a less than flattering manner yet still obvious enough that every one they know will recognize them immediately. This may be what people think. Do people read poetry like that? If so then it is a great shame that projected fears deprive people of what can be, and should be, a fun and enjoyable experience… to be loved.

Do I write about my loves in my poetry?

Actually no, I am far more likely to write about yours.

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