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My Awards:

Panathenaic Games Medal
Silver in Feline Tag & Dash

My Badges:

Games Bronze Medal
Muse Bronze Medal
Achievement Bronze Medal

   My powers are only limited by the story.

In Short Cuts ~ The Two Travellers
As a traveller from a distant land, I'm going to be attempting a bit of a take-over bid and become Queen in order to sort the lack of political control. I promise to be a fair and wise Queen. Nerys is helping me too and with her wisdom I know we can bring about peace.

In The Sandbox ~ East of Forever
I'm a summoned Demon Sorceress whom is bound to do her master's will. I was summoned by the Halfshade family to do their bidding.

In Demon
The current plan is I'm going to be playing an older witch with a good knowledge of dreams. This should be fun.

Am I a pretty Sorceress?

My portrait done by the amazing raider!

My Novels:

Short Cuts
Crimson Kiss
Behind The Velvet Curtains
Zone : Romance
The Castle - Out of Print
Demon - Out of Print

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Nereida Lozada
Sayira Monoum EsFaux
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Justin Tyme
Sarah Bellum

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