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I was born May 2, 1983 to John and Mary WInchester. I have a brother, Dean.

My mother was killed when I turned six months old by a yeallow eyed Demon.

My father became a hunter trying to find the demon, we grew up mainly in motel rooms, moving from town to town. DIdn't see much of my dad, he was always hunting. I couldn't deal with all the hunting so I left going to Stanford Univeristy, Dean stayed with dad, they are a lot alike.
I had this life I never had before, a girlfriend that loved me, Jessica. Dean came to see me, dad had gone missing he wanted me to come help him find dad. I didn't want to leave giving him just two days. When I got back I thought Jessica was out, but soon learned she, like my mother was killed by this yellow eyed demon.

I'm not what you would call normal, the demon gave me powers, he recruted me for his own purpose. I didn't know it. After a long time I found out the yellow eyed demon, friends even Jessica where all pawns to get me where I was now. Family is important to me, I lost sight of that for a long time. I hoped Dean would forgive me, that we could be brothers again.

Beliefs: Believe that with all the evil that is out there, there has to be something good as well. I pray every day.

Likes: Love my family above all things

Dislikes: Does not like when people call me "Sammy", unless it is Dean and definitely hates clowns.

Fav: Thing to call his brother: Jerk!

Family: John Winchester (father, deceased), Mary Winchester (mother, deceased), Adam Winchester (half brother--resurrected by Zechariah), Dean Winchester (full brother, living).

All information in Supernatural and Sam WInchester can be found on there Wiki page. All images taken from the web. Sam WInchester is a fictional character in a show called Supernatural all rights belong to them.

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A Winters Tale

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Dean Winchester

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