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Skylar Abigail Adams is Michael Adams' younger sister. She has become one of the fashion industries most sought after model but has bound herself exclusively to Sofia Rossini and her affiliates. Skylar or Sky as most people call her is pretty happy with her life.

She likes to help people and gives everyone a chance although her methods can be a bit unorthodox at times. And her methods also can get her in trouble, she is no stranger to police much to her friends and families dismay. But she has yet to be charged with any serious crimes which she knows is mostly thanks to her brother who has recently become mayor of Marsala.

She has now promised that she will try to stay more out of trouble since she isn't trying to make her brother look bad. He wants to clean up the city and with Sofia's permission she has agreed to do some ads for him and help him as much as she can. As crazy as she can be no one can say her heart isnt in the right place, well most of the time it is.

Like every other person she does have her secrets but her biggest secret could cost her everything she holds dear. Sky is a habitual cocaine user, she has been for a long while. She has been careful to conceal it over the years and takes all precautions not to get caught.

Her entire lifestyle has been speculated to be a bit, strange. She has been spotted with both men and women and isn't afraid to admit she is a bisexual to anyone. Her parents choose to ignore it and her brother has accepted the fact long ago and doesn't care. Skylar has been involved with her neighbor Rachel Mahone for quite some time and has no intention of ending the relationship. But she still takes lovers in addition to Rachel.

All of which Rachel knows about. Skylar hides nothing from Rachel but her drug use. Rach is a great person and Sky loves her dearly. Sky knows she is a bad influence on most people including her girlfriend but people normally let her go and do things her own way since there isn't much else they can do with her.

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