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is a Traveler that has been planet bound since her ship was destroyed in a battle with the Wraith a couple of years before and most of her people were lost.

She now uses the gates and hunts for tech and other useful items that she can sell or trade within the ruined cities, crashed ships and abandoned bases all over the Pegasus Galaxy. She is a skilled fighter and pilot and has a lot of contacts in the Pegasus Galaxy. And like all Travelers she can fix things with spit and bailing wire.

Life long best friend Jerad

My Novels:

SG Atlantis
Pan Historia Junction
A Book for Wyatt
Liaus Horatius

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My Friends:

John Sheppard
Colonel Samantha Carter
Emery Johansson
R J Rawlins
Kelly Ann
Major Evan Lorne
Emily Paige Killam
Adena Rennatta
Shelby Michaela Delaney
Cuiva Carlton
Steve Gwynn
Veronica Anne Bertrand
Jon Austin Doucet

My Favorites:

When the Dead Come Knocking
Spiral Galaxy
Shadows & Smoke
SG Atlantis
Zone : Science Fiction
The Matria
The Paranormal Collective

My Pandas:

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