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Two snakes
walk into a bar...

 photo a870f1d7-53dd-469b-bdcf-a6530827cfe1.jpg

 photo 55e75d26-7641-4ad6-978d-f4d4649025cf.jpg

No. That's not a photo of me. It's Him.
What do you want to know about me?
This is not about me. It never was about me.

It was always about Him.
It still is.

 photo f6037962-f8ea-4f8b-afa9-5f085a21f7e7.jpg

What is there to be said about me?
I am because He is.
Everything else is superfluous.

 photo f79a406b-451f-45d5-a9ce-d2db37437dc1.jpg

If Jack were a cat, what a dangerous cat he'd be.

 photo blackleopard.gif

The next three images were a
2013 Secret Santa gift from Calliope.
I think they are wonderful and I am very
pleased to display them here.

 photo butterfliesX450.jpg

 photo tulips.jpg

 photo womanredX450-1.jpg

Let's watch a movie, shall we?

"Pen. Jack Pen."

I swear by the gods I didn't make this up.
Freaky. Truly freaky.

A Higher Agency from Oliver Cheetham on Vimeo.

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