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I am the General of Pharaohs forces of Ptah,

son of Hereditary Prince MerenPtah the nomarch of Saqqara.

Home of the ancient pyramids.
I am the beloved of Nofret-Hor, Lord Senemuts beautiful sister.

I am the eyes and ears of Pharaoh. Disguised as a Desert Dweller

I intend to move among my majesty's enemies, observe them and report back to her of my findings. Thus will I aid my majesty in keeping Kemet safe.

Ancient Egypt

My Novels:

Amarna - Out of Print
Zone : History
The New Kingdom - Out of Cookies
Zone : Science Fiction
Carpe Noctem

My Reference Books:

Creatures of Darkness

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My Friends:

Adrasteia Hatshepsut
Djeserkheperu Smenkhkara
Gods Father Aye
Lady Nofret Hor
Queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt
Awoserra Aqenenra Apepa
Nefersha Hatshepsut
Tjeti Priest
Sekhmet Meritamen

My Favorite Reads:

The Children of God's Body - Out of Print
An Empire Divided: The Fall of Het-Uart - Out of Print
The Midnight People - Out of Print

My Pandas:

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