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My name is Veronique du Libourne. I am but recently wed to Henri du Gascogne. Yes, it is a political marriage of great benefit to the both of us. For while Henri and his family are greatly influential and of prominent lineage, their wealth has been depleted of late. Luckily my family has amassed quite a bit of wealth and holdings -- always convenient when one wants to elevate one's position.

Happily, the marriage is as convivial a joining of two persons as it is of families. Henri and I get along famously -- a rarity among marriages such as ours.

Still, it is fashionable for a Lady of my stature to have a Champion Knight to strive for her attentions, as long as everything remains honorable. And thus has a young Spainish knight come into my life. This could get very interesting.

Thank you for visiting my home.

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