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   If archeology was the science of patience as University of Calgary Adjunct Associate Professor Bill Glanzman had said, Orion Briggs was the unlikely hero. Born to a schizophrenic mother, with an unknown faternal history... Meaning he was fathered on one of her delusional withdrawls into the streets. His life was not easy at any point... In fact his bright red hair and bright blue eyes seeminly making him distinctive did no such thing.. Every picture taken of him looked like someone else. Each opinion of him differed from a crummy little maggot to an angelic child of the gods In fact the home of the gods was where he lived most of his young life... And his mother no matter how dearly she loved this shining child could not hold on to that when the doors opened to the angels and devils of the universe... and his life became a circle of foster homes and return to his mother after her last visit to that other universe. There was no point in trying to adopt him out to a safer home... He always ran back searching the streets for her , bringing her to the hospital and another attempt at recovery... He became very wise , very young. He knew what loving the impossible was and continued to do so long after her delusions sent her off a building into the final waiting arms of the angels After a childhood of all mismatched foster homes and ideas, he had learned the frailty of humans well.. Knowing just peering over each cage of reality was the road to madness he became the extreme chamelion . He had escaped the illness. and began another thankless lover of archeology... Angels and Demons ...and the QUEST FOR A QUEEN.

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The Relic Hunters
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