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In the The Next Adventure Novel:

Although I was born in Scotland, I was raised in the United States. My father was a Pinkerton agent. When he died in the line of duty, Mr. Pinkerton brought me back to Chicago and raised me along with his sons.

I dreamed of being Annie Oakley. But of course, only Annie Oakley could be Annie Oakley. I did learn to ride bareback even though I could never master the trick of hanging over the side of my mount to shoot.

Mr. Pinkerton always said it didn't matter. I'd never pass for a Comanche even if I could shoot like Quanah Parker. In any event, he didn't think it likely he'd need to place an agent with the Comanche.

That was all that mattered. What Mr. Pinkerton thought. And what he wanted. As he always said, he'd kept me from going to an orphanage and saved me from having to go into service.

Of course, that depends on how one defines service.

So I learned to shoot from a Union sniper. Because Mr. Pinkerton wanted it. And I learned to speak German. And French. And Spanish. And I studied accounting, fine needlework, water color painting and sketching, and copperplate script. And how to serve tea or curtsy to the Queen... and how to throw a knife. And everything else Mr. Pinkerton chose to teach me. He also taught me several things I did not want to know

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Sacred and Profane
The Next Adventure
The High Adventure - Out of Print
Saints and Sinners

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Augustine Chaubert
Lionel Wingham Earl of Wareham
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Luigi Szabo
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Innocence Bryson
Donald Stewart
Alice Larsen
Captain Mors
Darciana Hemmingway
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Good characterisation
Dec 04, 2018 04:26 pm
A pleasure to read such eloquent posts.
Oct 28, 2018 05:48 am
Cool to see you posting here again
Oct 25, 2018 06:23 am

Oct 01, 2016 08:41 pm
Great emotion!
Oct 01, 2016 08:42 pm

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