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Welcome to Zhengxian!

As a child, I was dragged around the world by the military assignments of my father. Now I am a messenger/smuggler who makes more than most who run large corporations because I am able to transfer packages of tremendous importance without failure. My work has changed the course of history though no-one will ever see it in history books. I am the undercurrent in the river that carries history into the future.


The Serenity is about to get a bit dangerous!

"FIREFLY" As humans have depleted all of Earth's resources, humans travel far far into space. I have left behind the promising future offered by my father in the Alliance to travel the 'Verse in search of fortune and adventure. Now I am an outlaw, trader, smuggler, mercenary for hire.



"VELO" - OUT OF PRINT is a novel set in the streets of cities around the world. We all just try to get by don't we. Waiters, lawyers, drug dealers, government agents, dilettantes, homeless people, cabbies, convenience store workers, and politicians all share the same air and share the same ability to share brilliance... or filth.
Often the exposure to the underbelly of the cities they live in is deadly enough.
Picture this: bike messengers who are like mercenaries who surf the planet for the big bucks, the big contracts. Whether in Prague, San Francisco, New York, or London the streets will haunt you, maybe even kill you. These men and women carry information that might change the world or end their lives.

In the "GRAND THEFT AUTO: Hotwire OUT OF PRINT" novel, I am the purest evil. This novel is about owning the streets, and all that is transported on them. Are you in the right turf punk?

VELO Action Genre Feat. 1

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My Novels:

VELO - Out of Print
Zone : Science Fiction
Zone : Action
Battle! - Out of Print
The Horus Road
Grand Theft Auto: Hotwire - Out of Print

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Tanja Ritzer
Charlie Smith
Tank Girl
Jick Hambleton
Lara Connor
Roxane DeFleur
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Captain John Redhawk USN
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Adularia and Alluvia

My Favorites:

The Cellar - Out of Print
Barbary Coast - Out of Print
The Stars Are Dreaming Wicked - Out of Print
The Bitter Sky

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