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Welcome to my home! I am pleased that you have stopped by for a chance to get to know me a little better. As you can plainly see my name is Aedon. Only the people in my family call me Ronan or Ro. *Shrugs* Im not sure as to the why, but I will take it as a "Pet Name."

Let me tell you a little about my family history. My Great Great Grandmother was named Ingrid Ronanda McClennen. She was considered very powerful back in the day as she had the gift of being able to manipulate the air around her for healing others. It seems that every generation the oldest child in our family has the ability to manipulate some sort of element for healing. My Great Grandmother had the power of Fire healing, My Grandmother Elisa has the power of Water. My Mother has the power of earth.

It had seemed that for generations, the oldest female of the lineage held all the powers until I was born. I was the first child born to my mother Angelica and my father Allister Mochridhe. They were shocked when I was born, a male, and alive. What can I say I was lucky. As I grew so did my powers. I am not only the first male to have healing gifts, but I am also able to wield them as a weapon. When I say they, I have two elements at my disposal. These elements are the element of Fire like my Great Grandmother and Water like my Grand Mother.

So basically that is me. I have these magical abilities not only to heal but to cause damage. Sometimes it hard to weild both, but other days it seems like second nature to me. Because of my abilities as a human, I have been looked at by various cults, organizations, and persons of interest. I have declined all offers to use my particular abilities until I met one particular person.... Who is this person you ask? Read my stories and you will find the answer to your questions. Until then, thank you again for stopping by and getting to know me! If you wish to talk just slap me on the shoulder on the IM panel! Cheers Mate!

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