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   Henry Clay Frick, the "King of Coke," was a highly successful businessman. By the time he was 30, in 1879, he was already a millionaire. Born in a country village in Western Pennsylvania he had the luck and the perspicacity to realize that cornering the market on coking coal was a fast track to untold wealth. As it chanced, that particular variety of coal produces the highest quality of metallurgical coke in the world.

He entered into a partnership with Andrew Carnegie which led to the creation of interlocking directorships for H.C. Frick & Company and Carnegie Steel, with Frick serving as president of the steel company.

Ultimately, Frick and Carnegie parted ways via a series of spectacular lawsuits. As Carnegie lay dying, in 1919, he sent a messenger asking Frick to visit him so that they could make peace. Frick's reply was, "Tell him I'll meet him in Hell where we are both going." Frick died later that year.

In The Next Adventure Novel:

Frick is a member of The Consortium, a group of influential American industrialists who exercise more power than the U.S. President and Congress combined. J.P. Morgan is the current chairman of The Consortium. But that might change if Frick is able to exert the right pressure. And remove the right people. Frick is also a Knight Templar and subject to the discipline of J.P. Morgan, the Templar Grand Prior for North America.

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I LOVE the interaction between these two! Bravo!
Feb 14, 2017 11:03 pm

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