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I was born in Frankfort, but my parents moved to Schenectedy New York when I was an infant. I attended Yale University and emerged with a B.S. in mathematics before I was 19. Then I went to Princeton to work under John von Neuman. I observed his connection to what I could only conclude must be a proto-spy ring led by an Admiral of the US Navy. It did not interest me much. Although the dark haired female naval officer who consulted with Doctor von Neuman so frequently did arouse my curiosity.

When looking for a book the professor asked me to fetch for him, I noticed an open file. I glanced at it and it confirmed my suspicious. The American Navy was trying to produce calculating engines of the sort the Poles were working on. Beyond noting that it was foolish to leave such information lying about, I thought no more of it.

Then my parents decided to return home, to Frankfort and wanted me to go with them. A place was arranged for me at the Max Planck Institute. So there was no reason to remain in New Jersey. Now I am in Munich. It's a lovely place. My office has plenty of sharp pencils and all the paper I can use.

The only draw back is that there seems to be a war going on with attendant inconveniences.

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Inglourious Basterds = Out of Print

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For mind-boggling attention to detail and entering the novel with flair!
Apr 25, 2010 03:09 pm

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