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Moselle used to live in an ecodome atop a tor which was once an island in Lake Michigan. In many ways it was still an island, a space apart from the dry barren lake bed below. By keeping the leader of the inhabitants of said desert supplied with fresh tomatoes and other produce, Moselle had security and a supply line for parts to keep her ecodome operational. Unfortunately that Novel is no more and Moselle merely lives on in her blog, but not in character, *LOL*

Tank's Captain Caption Contest Winner!!

Much has been said about global warming, and I suppose one way or another we have to admit that some parts of the planet seem to be experiencing an increase in temperature. Whether the human inhabitants are entirely responsible for this state of affairs is in great debate. Certainly at the time when the Vikings visited North America, the climate in the northern hemisphere was much warmer than it is even now. Greenland was habitable, Iceland had an ice-free harbour year round, and much of the British Isles are estimated to have been 3oC warmer on average than they are now. I doubt that meant that figs ripened there, but the growing season would certainly have been longer. Climate change is touted as the next disaster, doom and gloom await all unless we do something now! *LOL* Yet when I was much younger, there were predictions that we were heading rapidly into an ice age. For five hundred years the temperatures had been sub normal and were apparently supposed to continue to follow this downward trend until we were all incased in ice. What a difference 30 years make, eh?

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It is a picture of Virginia Hey from her role in Road Warrior.

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Well said! There are so many stay at home dads that do a wonderful job!
Jul 12, 2011 10:29 am
Ewww... fruit flies
Aug 27, 2009 06:51 pm

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