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In the Wickwire University: Journey Into the Unknown Novel:

Mama Rose, my Grandmama, has always said that I have the gift. I have been able to sense things around know, things that nobody else can see. When I was little I would chatter away to these images, and my Mama just thought I had a lot of imaginary friends. Not Mama Rose. She knew that there was more to it.

Now I attend Wickwire University. I'm learning how to control and direct my ability. I'm not sure what I want to do after I'm finished with school, but for now, I like where I am. I work in the campus library, study, and perform slam poetry in the evenings and on weekends in local coffee houses. It's a fun time. Lately I've become interested in a research project for a professor at the school. But I won't go into that'll have to follow my read...

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