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Stately Delmonte. Home of Lionel George Adolphus Gillespie Wingham, eleventh Earl of Wareham. The title of Earl of Wareham was granted by Charles II, many centuries ago. Visitors should be most impressed by the manor's structure, some parts of which are rumored to date to the 15th and 16th centuries.

The Manor of Delmonte is also home to his lordship's niece, Grace Anne. The Earl is quite close to his niece, who is one of his few living relatives, what with the premature death of his lordship's brother and the recent passing of the Countess Wareham.

Visitors may be reassured that, while the local countryside may complain of missing women, his lordship has personally investigated the matter and has ascertained the females in question have most certainly travelled to London or other large cities. The region around Delmonte is quite nice, very safe, and most certainly suitable for hunting, fishing, and other noble pursuits.

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