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Life is way too short to simply ride it out. I push myself to whatever perceived limits I have indulged in a moments weakness... then I go a bit further. The end of one's days may sneak up on you in any of a million ways at any moment, make sure to be living well when you go.

Why are you here? Do you not know when you are in danger? Is your instinct to live numbed by what you call food? The full-moon paints you in blueish white tones, this is not a good time for you to pay a visit! I may keep the semblance of a dilettante, but I have another side...

Have you ever known a moment where every cell in your body is stuck in that place where the survival-instinct and paralyzing fear battle to control you? Let me take you to that place!
By the way, welcome to my lair!

VELO Action Genre featured character Dec2010


R.I.P. Vampira!

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VELO - Out of Print
Zone : Action
Zone : Horror

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Creatures of Darkness
The Midnight Society

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Lara Connor

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The Crossroads
The Cellar - Out of Print
Nóregr - The Wayward Blood of Kings - Out of Print

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