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Iím Evangeline Jennar but Evie will do, and I'm the unluckiest woman in the world. My family I swear to you is cursed! My older half brothers Tyler and Julian Kaynard think I am out of my mind, but let me go through this for you. I am 30 years old now, I have an 8 year old daughter Mackenzie Abigail Jennar.

Her fatherÖOh her father, Kevin, left me for another woman not just any other woman but my ex-best friend. Want to know how I found out? They were having sex in my bed! Yeah thatís the crap you see on television but it happens apparently.

I am a photographer for Glint Magazine which I love but now I have bought my I donít know 100th camera. I fall, they break, I buy a new one. I donít understand why this is but you know Murphyís Law: Anything that can happen will happen. Yes, yes its true.

Tyler and Julian refuse to admit their run of bad luck. Tyís wife who we were told died resurfaces 8 years later! Julian has to deal with identity theft and heís the most money responsible person Iíve ever met! I mean really and that is not even the tip of the iceberg sorta speak.

Mackenzie, my sweet, overly studious daughter and my nephew Oliver are close as brother and sister but they have run into their fair share of problems already. Mack, is a darling girl who deals with her ďIíll come around when Iím readyĒ father, bullies and dysfunctional family quite well for an 8 year old.

Oliver has enough issues dealing with his mother coming back. I for one am happy about Tyís wifeís return. We were pregnant together, she was my best friend. But I have no met an idiot. The man with perfect luck and he wants to trade me! Like I said idiot but Iím not going to pass up this opportunity, finally luck with be on our side!


My eight year old daughter Mackenzie Abigail Jennar and thankfully she looks more like me than her father.

Julian is the eldest brother. He is a goofball but very responsible, he is our walking contradiction.

The middle child. Tyler. He is more serious and thought provoking that the rest of us.

My nephew Oliver, he and Mack are two months apart. He's the sweetest boy I have ever met and love him dearly.

My darling sister in law who has rejoined the living Laurel. I have to say I'm confused to have her back but you know what they say never look a gift horse in the mouth.

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