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It was a bitterly cold, windy day when the ship that had brought a man who called himself Nathaniel Quinn to a dock in Quila some many years ago. After disembarking from the Stockton, the ship that carried him across the vast ocean-sea, Quinn was very happy to have his feet upon terra firma once again.

As Quinn waited patiently with the rest of the passengers at the side of the docks to claim his cases, he pulled his thick cloak closer about him. The cloak was not the only shield he had against the biting wind, yet it was the one he didn't have to concentrate on at all. The cloak he wore was actually in several layers, the outer most being the skin of a giant black bear, something Quinn came to find did not exist in Quila or the surrounding lands.

Yet less then an hour after his coming to these shores, Quinn felt something that was quite disturbing to his mind. Turning his head to one side, he saw a pair of womens boots just going around a corner. Those feet were at least three feet of the ground when he saw them, kicking furiously and were accompanied by muffled screams that he could not hear, yet rather felt. Moments later, he saved the lady those kicking boots had belonged to and had relieved three men of their heads.

Because the lady he had saved had run off long before Quinn could check on her safety, Quinn was quickly surrounded and arrested by the local authorities, his possessions impounded and spent the next several days in a jail awaiting his summons to trial.

The Court having called many witnesses and hearing all of the evidence, the magistrate was just about to sentence Quinn to a life of hard labor in prison. Yet before the magistrate could speak the sentence, a witness stepped forward with new evidence that would shine a much different light upon the events that had taken place at the docks that day.

The witness testified that she had been accosted, that she felt for certain that her life was in danger and she believed, of her virtue as well. Quinn had been the only man that had come to her rescue. Looking directly at Quinn and into his eyes, she said she felt ashamed that she had not come forward before, yet she was frightened. She also said she was very sorry that Queen had taken a dagger to the shoulder for his trouble. Had he not intervened, the witness stated, that dagger could have been sheathed in her own heart.

With this new evidence presented, in essence it was self-defense, and all charges were dropped immediately.

Quinn is a quiet man by nature who is also a man of culture, sophistication and quiet contemplation. He never speaks of his past to anyone, especially if they ask, yet he possess amazing physical skills and talents. No one knows how or where he came by his skills, yet he dose exercise them regularly as an employee of Red Sector Security.

His demeanor when on a job is one of quiet intensity, often staring other men down should they get in his way. And while an intelligent man of reason, Nathaniel will negotiate as needed, yet more often then not, finds that the brigands of this land only understand the crimson persuasion spoken directly from his sword.

Quinn has made a home for himself in the Crossroads, in the city of Beralon, yet he is rarely there. His skills in arms and the choices he makes in the duty of protection of others keeps him a very busy man. That combined with the reputation he has acquire as a man of integrity has allowed him to not only pick and choose his assignments, yet also, to command very high fees. A fact that many are willing to pay to receive his extraordinary services.

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