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My name is of course Damon Salvatore I am of Italian Descendant. . I've been Immortal for over 500 years. I originally came from Mystic Falls. My father, Giuseppe Salvatore was a vampire hunter... We never really got along.

My brother and I use to get along to. Hate him now, for going to father about the vampires in Mystic Falls. Because of him she was taken from me, placed in a tomb so I thought...

Abilities :
* Can create and control fog.
* Suggestions of the power of flight.
* Can control a crow also change into a crow form,or wolf form.
* Ability to jump very high.
* Can control minds and change memories.
* Can move fairly quickly

What's next? Well....that's for me to know and you to ...

My Novels:

A Winters Tale

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Creatures of Darkness

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Hades Lord of the Dead
Diein Already
Dean Winchester
Elena Gilbert

My Favorite Reads:

Slave to the Hunger - Out of Print

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