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In the Inglourious Basterds Novel:

A secretary for the Reich in Paris, a vivacious young woman.

Full Name -Tajna Franziska Ritzer
Nickname -- None
Birth Date --May 29, 1915
Birth Place --A small villiag in the Rhine region
Age --25
Race --French and German descent
Hair Color -- Auburn
Hair Style --Sholder length and wavy
Eye Color -- Dark brown
Skin Tone -- Not pale,but not tan. A happy,healthy medium
Any Scars or Distinguishing Marks -- A small birthmark on her thigh
Build or Body Type --Slightly,sweetly curved
Height -- 5'4'
Weight -- 135lbs

Family and Childhood

Mother --Félicie,homemker
Father -- Hartmut, Vintner
Family Finances --upper-middle class
Brothers -- Dierk (12) and Martin(8)
Sisters -- Lise (deceased,age 3)
Birth Order -- Tajna,Dierk,Martin,Lise
Other Close Family -- None
Best Friend -- Alena, an old school chum with whom she exchanges letter
Other Friends --Erich, ex boyfriend but now friend who is in the German army
Pets --A ginger cat named Spekulatius (ginger cookie), Spek for short

Home Life During Childhood

Popular or Loner -- Popular, a good student
Important Experiences or Events --Attended University of Berlin but scholarship was revoked due to the war, graduated secretarial school
Health Problems --Healthy as a horse
Religion --Christian
Your Character's Character

Bad Habits --Flirtatious,perfectionist
Strong Points --Bright,quick learner
Temperament -- Good
Attitude -- Friendly
Weakness -- None too bad but longs for new stockings and other such femine indulgences
Fears -- Spiders and snakes
Secrets -- Hoards her sugar rations so she can bake sweets.
Regrets -- None thus far except for not being able to graduate college
Feels Vulnerability When -- Stuck outside in storms
Pet Peeves -- Being pawed by men, bad language
Sexuality -- Straight
Exercise Routine -- Running,dancing
Day or Night Person -- Both
Introvert or Extrovert -- Extrovet
Optimist or Pessimist -- Optimist

Likes and Styles

Music -- Jazz,swing,classical
Books -- Any she can get her hands on
Foods -- Pasteries and sweets
Drinks -- Tea,wine
Animals -- Cats
Sports -- Enjoys watching men play them with their shirts off.
Color -- Lemon yellow,spring green,pink,brown,red
Clothing -- Knee-length skirts and well pressed blouses for work, Feminine dresses for going out(sews own clothes)
Jewelry -- Pearls
Where and How Does Your Character Live Now

Home -- A room in the hotel that the Reich uses
Favorite Possession -- A set of silver candlestick given to her by her grandmother, flur de lis necklase from mother
Married Before -- No,but engaged once. Broke it off when he cheated on her
Children -- None and wants none in the near future
Relationship with Family -- Rather close
Career -- Secretary
Hobbies -- Baking, sewing, dancing
Talents -- Languages (speaks 4)
Finances -- Very well managed Health Problems -- None

My Novels:

Zone : Westerns
Inglourious Basterds = Out of Print
The Io Effect - Out of Print
Zone : History

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Silk Stockings and Apfelstrudel

My Friends:

Sgt Hugo Stiglitz
Sgt Donny Donowitz
Colonel Hans Landa
Mairead Flaherty
MAJ Dieter Hellstrom
Vera Ellen
Bridget VonHammersmark
Alexei Nikolaevich
Jocelyn de Rochefort
Adrian Celestine

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X-treme Pixels

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Half of the Most Loaded Short Post Storylines
May 01, 2010 03:48 pm
For pluckiness and sass in the face of adversity.
Apr 25, 2010 02:25 pm

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