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'My Undead Heart Belongs To My Dark Beauty Eleanor..'

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I have many names.. And I used to go by the most famous of All..

One that everyone knows by heart.. Dracula.

In some my name drew out their deepest fears, while in others their darkest lust-filled desires..

I gave both equally well.. And still do..

With a single thought I can influence the weather to my needs.

And with a single glance, I can control your mind and bend it to my will..

Surrender Yourself To Me And I Shall Give You Eternity....

Share with me your fears, needs, desires.. Tell me your deepest, darkest secrets, Those that you would never tell another person..

Entrust me with your souls; I promise to take care of them..

After all, You only live once..

Blond Beauty Caught My Eye

Blue Eyes Clear As The Skies

I Once Beheld In My Mortal Days.

Pale Blond Hair Spun Like Gold

Yet Softer To The Touch.

Shadows Dare Not Darken Thine Steps

For They Would Steal The Light

Glowing On Thine Flesh.

Blood Sweeter Than Peach Nectar

Touching My Lips

Finer Than The Most Expensive Wine

Could Ever Hope To Match..

(For Eleanor..)

{The wonderful birthday gift to me from Eleanor in 2011..}

I Created The Sound Of Madness.. Wrote The Book On Pain..

'When The Clock Strikes Twelve And You're In Bed, That's When The Boogey Man Lurks To Cut Your Head..'

'I May Be Bad, But I Am Perfectly Good At It..'

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Zone : Science Fiction
Eden's Paradise
Zone : Horror
Short Cuts
Zone : History
Writer's Muses
The Cellar - Out of Print

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The Tarot Card Killer
Ebony Moon
Seraphina Papillon
Erik Phantom

My Favorites:

The Sandbox
Unveil Your Adventure
Slave to the Hunger - Out of Print
Inglourious Basterds = Out of Print
Crimson Kiss

The Black Museum - Out of Print
Zone : History
The Crossroads
666 West End Avenue

Behind The Velvet Curtains
The Giovanni Chronicles - Out of Print

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