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In Life As We Know It...

Anabelle Lennox or better known as Annie is a quiet woman. She's 27 years old and works for Glint Magazine. She writes all the featured articles and has an advice column called Annie's Answers. Annie keeps most people at a safe distance never revealing her true feelings. She can come off somewhat as a snob but it isn't intentional, she's just quiet and intensely private.

Her two best friends work at the magazine with her and are one of the few who actually know her. Annie is a great friend but earning her trust can be extremely difficult. On a surface level she has quiet a few friends. But Annie is very close to her older sister Nycole.

Nycole and Annie look a lot alike most people assume they are fraternal twins. They have an exotic look about them being half Brazilian and half Italian. Nycole went into acting is has become very successful winning all types of awards and nominations. So Nyc is always traveling the two hardly get to see each other but when they do get together, look out Marsala!

In The Black Museum...

Anabelle has just been hired to clean the offices in a research center ran by the army. She doesn't mind to much, she just needs the money so she can continue going to school and taking care of her sister Nycole. The two moved to Washington from Chicago, she worked hard to so she'd have the opportunity to attend college.

Life is hard right now but she hopes as she continues coming closer to completing her goals things will get better. What she doesn't know is that being hired as a cleaner was simply a ruse to get her to work with a group of diverse and interesting people.

Annie is normally quiet but she watches everything and everyone around her carefully. She doesn't really believe in the supernatural and all, she is more of a what a person can see and prove, even reasoning her brush with it into simply logic. But Annie will soon learn to accept and embrace a whole new way of thinking

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