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I come from Tjeny (later called Thinis) In the Abedjou (later Abydos) Niwt. I am the daughter of the Nomarch of Abedjou. I am trained as a priestess of a very ancient goddes named Neit.
Temple Of Neit
The provincial politics of Niwt Abedjou, leaves me wanting for more.

The historical figure I am inspired by -and named after- has monuments that have been raised in her name in Saqqara & Abedjou.
My name neans "beloved if Nit(or Neit)", you are welcome in my home! I come from the time of the "First Dynasty" between 3000 - 3100BCE, history tells that I was possibly married to or decended from Djet and was mother of Den. History tells that I may have actually ruled for a period of time, but most certainly was one of the first powerful women mentioned in Egyptian history. My tomb is in Abedjou, I think. And a monmument to me exists in Saqqara if I recall correctly... or vice-versa? ;)
Neith -
A goddess of war, then a mother goddess, a name for the primordial waters, the goddess of creation and weaving, said to weave all of the world in her loom.

Follow me to ancient KMT for adventure and a glimpse into the most enchanting and mysterious culture of all time. Join us in Per Ankh, walking amongst gods and learning from them!
Here is a link to the previous incarnation of this character and my work there. Click HERE to view some of my work.

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The Children of God's Body - Out of Print
The Horus Road

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Ipskakt Aha
Neferneferuaten Nefertiti
Nakhtes of Piramesses
Raven Tutmose
Tjeti Priest
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PiRamesses - Out of Print
The Children of God's Body - Out of Print
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