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Full Name: Emery Myrdden Johansson

Birthplace: Sedona, Arizona

D.O.B: January 1972

Hometown: Formally, Washington D.C.

Age: 40

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Raven black

Height: 6'2"

Build: Athletic, muscular; lives an active lifestyle

Distinguishing Marks: A few scars from various wounds during his time in the corps and with the Company.

Occupation: Forensic Psychologist; semi-retired.

Hobbies: Running, aikido, kappo, target shooting and rescuing kittens. (Not always in that order...)

Emery was born to an upper class family in Sedona, Arizona. His mother home schooled her son in all his courses until he convinced her he needed to have a normal high school experience, compleete with a prom.

After high school, it wasn't very long before Emery graduated from Arizona State University with a Masters in forensic psychology and a minor in computer applications and information technology. Languages, which Emery only had a passing interest in, came easily due to his eidetic memory.

Even before graduation, the alphabets of federal service agencies were making offers for employment, yet Emery wanted to follow in his fathers footsteps and become a Marine first and foremost.

After boot, Emery was commissioned a Lieutenant; his skills and knowledge helping to advance American efforts across five continents. After the marines, Emery took up a position in clandestine services at the Company.

Having achieved all he wanted after twelve years with the Company, Emery is currently looking for a change in his surroundings. A chance meeting with a beautiful young lady in Libby, Montana offers him that chance, and much more the he didn't bargain for.

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Zone : Fantasy

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Eluned ONeill
Valerie Pan
Cuiva Carlton
Camille Evans

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Great ending! I love this story so far. Keep up the great work!
Nov 27, 2011 01:55 am
Best last line ever!
Mar 06, 2011 06:15 pm

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