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In the Life As We Know It Novel:

Full Name -- Eden Gabrielle Sanchez
Meaning of Name -- Eden means paradise, Gabrielle is strong woman of God, Sanchez means sanctified (not sure) (Native American Name Ogin means Wild Rose)
Nickname -- Edie
Birth Date -- November 16
Birth Place --Nantes, France
Age -- 21
Race -- French, Spanish, Native American
Hair Color -- Black
Hair Style -- Down
Eye Color -- Deep Brown
Skin Tone -- Tanned
Any Scars or Distinguishing Marks -- Thorned Rose tatto on back of neck, Tattoo of Devil on right hip and Angel on left hip, Scorpion tatto'd on lower back
Build or Body Type -- Fit
Height -- 5'5 1/2
Weight -- 138

Family and Childhood
Mother -- Annette Sanchez
Father -- Emilio Sanchez
Parents' Occupations -- Annette-artist, Emilio-college dean
Family Finances -- well off
Brothers -- Dominic Sanchez
Sisters -- Adrianna Sanchez
Birth Order -- Dominic, Eden, Adrianna
Other Close Family -- Grandparents, Aunt Alicia and Uncle Desi-Dad, Aunt Aline and Uncle Colin-mother
Best Friend -- Brice Erickson, Arden Himms
Other Friends -- Ha!
Pets -- Akita Inu-Japenese Dog- Aella means whirlwind
Home Life During Childhood -- Had its ups and downs but overall alright
Popular or Loner -- Loner
Important Experiences or Events -- Introduce to life of crime
Health Problems -- None to say
Religion -- Non practicing Catholic

Your Character's Character
Bad Habits -- Jumping to conclusions, Not paying attention, Smoking,
Drinking and Racing cars
Strong Points -- Faithful, Loyal, Passionate and Wise
Temperament -- Intense
Attitude -- Depends on mood
Weakness -- Cars
Fears -- Never turning life arounf
Secrets -- Loves to read and write poetry
Regrets -- Getting caught by the police
Feels Vulnerable When -- Being reprimanded by family
Pet Peeves -- Being told what to do
Conflicts -- With herself, anyone who tells her what to do and family occasionally
Motivation -- Living is enough motivation
Goals and Hopes -- Graduate college
Sexuality -- straight
Exercise Routine -- Goes running in the morning and works out twice a week
Day or Night Person -- Night
Introvert or Extrovert -- Introvert
Optimist or Pessimist -- Pessimist

Likes and Styles
Music -- House, Rock, sometimes Slow
Books -- Mythology, Thillers
Foods -- Anything
Drinks -- Alcohol, Soda and Tea
Animals -- Dogs-hates and allergic to cats
Sports -- Likes to watch Hockey
Color -- Black
Clothing -- Something that can get dirty, Sometimes likes to dress up
Jewelry -- Topaz ring given to her on her on Christmas at 13

Where and How Does Your Character Live Now
Home -- Two bedroom apartment just outside town center
Favorite Possession -- Topaz ring given to her on her on Christmas at 13
Town or City Name -- Marsala
Married Before -- No
Children -- No
Relationship with Family -- Fine
Best Friend -- Brice Erickson, Arden Himms
Other Friends -- Uh yeah...
Career -- In progress, works at rehab center with Arden
Dream Career -- Mythology professor
Hobbies -- Reading, writing poetry and of course causing trouble
Talents -- Poet, Driving cars like no one else
Finances -- surviving
Health Problems -- Pretty healthy

Your Character's Life…Before Your Story
Past Careers -- Theif, Bookstore, Waitress, Tutor among others
Past Lovers -- Mack, Collin, Kevin, Devin and once experimented with a woman-April
Biggest Mistakes -- Dating a woman, falling into bad crowd, trying drugs
Biggest Achievements -- Quitting drugs, going back to school

Eden and her brother Dominic

Eden and her sister Adrianna

Eden's parents Annette and Emilio Sanchez

Aella (whirlwind) an Akita Inu

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