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a⋅ce⋅di⋅a  /əˈsidiə/ [uh-see-dee-uh] –noun
1. sloth (def. 1). Compare deadly sins.
2. laziness or indifference in religious matters.
n. Spiritual torpor and apathy; ennui.
1600–10; < LL acēdia < Gk akdeia, equiv. to akēd(s) (a- a- 6 + -kēdēs, adj. deriv. of kędos care, anxiety) + -ia -ia
[Late Latin, from Greek akēdeia, indifference : a-, a-; see a-1 + kēdos, care.]

sloth  /slɔθ or, especially for 2, sloʊθ/ [slawth or, especially for 2, slohth] –noun
1. habitual disinclination to exertion; indolence; laziness.
c.1175, "indolence, sluggishness," formed from M.E. slou, slowe (see slow); replacing O.E. slćwđ. Sense of "slowness, tardiness" is from c.1380. As one of the deadly sins, it translates L. accidia. The slow-moving mammal first so called 1613, a translation of Port. preguiça, from L. pigritia "laziness" (cf. Sp. perezosa "slothful," also "the sloth").

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OMG this is way too funny!!
Feb 22, 2011 03:54 pm

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