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In the Slave to the Hunger Novel

I worked as an Agent in London, the liaison between the ruling council and the then resident vampire, and hunter, Malachi Slade.

There's an old old rule that we don't fraternize with vampires and stupidly I broke it. Now I face a future as the pet of Sutter Kane where my life will never be my own again and I must obey or be punished whilst Malachi is sentenced to death. I know he escaped, secretly I hope they never catch up to him and that maybe, just maybe, he might set me free if he ever gets the chance. It's not likely though. If he sets foot anywhere near Julia, he's dead.

In the Outlanders Novel

I work as a Therapist, dealing mainly with deep seated emotional problems in individuals and couples. I've also been known to use hypnosis in regression therapy.

I've known Jack for quite a few years and we have an on-off relationship that seems to suit us both. It's not serious and he's never really been an official client of mine although I have helped him through some bad patches.

I like Jack, I think I understand him, but I don't think he views me as anything but a friend with benefits, I think that's his loss.

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Slave to the Hunger

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Danny Lamont
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Malachi Slade

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Psychoanalysis over dinner - nicely written
Aug 25, 2013 04:08 am

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