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Travis Chaske Mutter

Height: 6'1"

Age in story: Twenty-Two

Birthplace: Denver, Colorado

Race/nationality: German/Native American

Religion: I don't exactly know. I'm not sure he exactly knows.

Marital status: Unmarried

Handicaps: He still has some emotional scarring from childhood that he'd much rather not acknowledge.

How does the character feel about his/her appearance? He feels he must look good enough, since he's paid for it, but it doesn't really make his top interests.

Brothers/sisters: Carter Biyen Mutter-Connolly and Deirdre Marie Curtis

Relationship with parents: Went into the foster care system at a young age. He barely remembers his mother and didn't care for his father. He's been shuffled from home to home, never bonding with any foster family until being placed with Annie Connolly, who he considers his best friend.

Work experience: Held a few summer jobs through his life. One of his foster parents got him started modeling, and he never stopped.

Occupation: Works in New York as a model to pay his way through acting school. Go figure.

Where does the character live now? Lives in New York, but still considers home to be his last foster family in Spokane, Washington.

Neat or messy? A little of each.

Politics: He's a Moderate Liberal, but convinced that all other liberals are idiots.

Present problem: A slight homelessness issue, and missing his family.

How it will get worse: Well, hopefully he'll have an apartment soon, but the homesickness will get much, much worse before it gets better.

Why will readers remember this character vividly? Will they? I hope.

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Apartment Living - Out of Print

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