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I am the Lady Harlana

Lady Harlana was born a Scottish lady, of the MacEwen Clan. Her father was brother to the laird. He killed his brother after he had tried to save Harlana from her soon to be evil husband, the Galbraith Clan's laird. They were very close, him as a father, she as a daughter. Harlana's father then became the MacEwen laird. She has some Knights Templars in her service. Her husband has them locked up in the castle's cells.

Parents-Kara and Edward

Birth-3rd of September 1174

Husband-unknown secret

She has three maids; Ayne, Bess, and Jane

She has one man servant; James

She killed her husband to be rid of him because he was a cruel, evil man. She finally killed him because he tried to kill her son, Gawaine. After this, despite what wrongs he had done, the people of the Galbraith Cland and the MacEwen Clan, they made war on her. Richard the Lionhearted, on a trip to the Highlands, saved her from Scottish monsters. She and Gawaine lived in England in peace, till King Richard went to the Crusade. She then, on order of the king, became ward to John de Oxford, the sheriff of Nottinghamshire. There, she discovered her love for Robin Hood.

Loves embroidery, hunting, children, and soon Robin Hood, dance.

My Novels:

The Lion's Den
Sword of Truth - Out of Print
Short Cuts
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Once Upon A Forest
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From the Balcony
Writer's Block

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Lady Jane Seymour
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Accursed Kings

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