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I'm Ebony Moon,welcome to my home. I know it sounds like a stage name doesn't it? That's my real name though. I'm only lucky my mother stepped in an refused to allow my father to call me Ebony "Moon-child" Moon...the gods rest their sweet hippy souls. Please feel free to pull up a chair and make yourself at home, raid the kitchen cupboard for tea and biscuits if you can find them. Iím afraid you may find the place is a bit of a mess but I havenít been here long...

Like I said Iím fairly new around here and Paris is a whole new city for me, I work just around the corner at ďLe Fee VerteĒ club.

I guess some one has a sense of humour naming the club after the Absinth fairy. Any way, I tend the bar and try to keep our patronís happy...most of them are ok though sometimes you get some rich idiot who thinks that being loaded gives him the right to treat a lady like a whore just because she works in a bar. But itís not the kind of place... Some nights I sing at the club, Iíd rather do that than serve drinks to be honest, but the city is full of people looking for a break and I learnt a long time ago not to expect miracles.

Then I met Erik, the real miracle in my life... this man who hides the soul of an angel behind his mask, who saved me and made me belive that love and magic are true once again.

He makes my heart sing and my spirit soar and I am his devoted Ebony, now and always...

From my beloved Erik...

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