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   I am Precious Jade, or so I have been known for as long as I can remember. I am a skilled artisan at whatever sleight of hand I choose to pull. My dexterity is legendary. Of course, the men in question were too busy watching my exotic beauty to notice what else I may have been doing, and yet I do look so innocent, though I lost whatever innocence I was born with long ago. A slave soon learns to do what she must in order to survive, though some simply give up. That was not my style.

My past history is murky and not easily got at, for I remembered so little of my early years, only the feeling that I must have been born into an oriental family for I do have the exotic look of the orient, like a tiny china doll. Dark-haired and dark-eyed, I have been told that I am beautiful in a deadly sort of way. I do not know. I simply accept how I look for there is nothing that I can do about it, for good or ill.

I assume though I do not know for sure that the name, "Precious Jade", was the name given to me at birth, and yet I have no memories at all of my earliest years. Perhaps it was given me by my first owner, or maybe by any of several after that; there were so many.

Marcos had picked me up on a buying trip to Turkey, in which he had picked up several slaves, most of whom had been long since sold to other buyers or perhaps even dead, only one of the many hazards that can beset a slave. I have proven very profitable in the several years since, though retaining very little of my oriental heritage from those very early years. I suppose it had been beaten from me when other slave owners bought me, wanting me to blend in, even though undeniably buying me for the very attributes that I possessed. To them I was just a decorative possession, to be displayed. That is one reason why it never bothered me when we were told to play some particularly vile scam on the men, for to them, I was nothing.

Our little group just called me Jade, because I was such a valuable part of our group, though Amaryllis often called me simply "precious' if she thought that I was putting on airs or thinking too highly of myself. Certainly it was not meant to be complimentary in the least. Though we have had our differences over the years, still we all stuck together.

I must admit that Marcos has called me 'precious', speaking softly to me, though why he favored me in such a way is my secret; well, his, too, if I would be honest. Some things are best left unsaid. I know that Amaryllis wondered what hold I held over him even though I am but a slave for other than myself, she was the favored one, simply because she had been with him for so long and she was so well read and intelligent.

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