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I Am The Phantom of the Opera

If I am crossed, I know how to kill
Keep your hand at the level of your eyes..

Once upon a lonely time I spent my days and nights alone beneath my beloved Opera Populaire in Paris until Fate stepped in and changed my life forever

I met someone who restored the light in my dark soul, making me believe in love once again

Ebony Moon.. My True Angel Of Music..

She saw past what I hide behind my mask, and loves me body, heart, and soul..

I shall be her humble servant, always..

~I would break the back of love for her..~

~For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my heart..~

{The wonderful birthday gift from her on my birthday in 2009...}

{The wonderful birthday gift from her on my birthday in 2010..}

{The wonderful birthday gift from her on my birthday in 2011..}

The storm of our love

Breaks over us

Like an overflowing fountain

There is no canyon wide enough

Or deep enough to hold the feelings

We have for each other

I would turn fields of green clover

Into beds of red roses

Just to declare in unspoken words

That the storm of our love

Shall last for eternity..

I once dwelt alone in darkness

Until I found you

A single touch to my cheek

And a single kiss was all it took

To bring me out of my captivity and misery

Your voice sweeter than any I ever heard before

Singing a melody of love divine

Everything I wanted and more..

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The Tenth Muse

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Ebony Moon
Monster Hunter Alchemist
Vlad Draculiya

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My Heart Belongs to a Pirate

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