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Beatrice of Evreux. This is my name. But what could tell a name about a person? You, Gentle Reader, who are reading about me and are familiar with the French History, you know who I am.I am the daughter of Louis de France, Count of Evreux and his wife, Marguerite of Artois. My father is the third son of King Philippe III the Bold with his second wife, Maria of Brabant, and half brother of King Philippe IV the Fair. The Eternal Third behind his brothers, King Philippe and Charles, Duke of Valois. Yes, I am Beatrice of Evreux from House of Capet.

However I am more than a name, more than rank, title and nobility. I am body and soul, will and love, mind and thoughts, emotions and feelings� And the Eternal Third, which, I mean, could be a good thing. My father was always an outsider, quiet and reflective, wise and calm. the King could always fall back on him. I am quiet, reflective and reliable too. I am the trustee of the secrets of my Royal cousins and I�ll never betray them. I am not wasting and have not lust for power in the contrary of our Valois cousins.

Father taught me modesty. It is a good thing being an Eternal Third. You may love your own life as Father does. We live among books and valuable articles of virtu. We may indulge ourselves reading good novels, enjoy musing and listen to poems.

Beatrice or Blanchefleur. The three people whom I best adore, love and respect may call me like this: Father, Uncle, who is my King and his second son, Philippe, Count of Poitiers.


My Novels:

A Book for Wyatt
Accursed Kings

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Beatrice of Evreux: The Last Lady-In-Waiting

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The Secret Garden

My Friends:

Arthur de Richemont
Jehanne de Saint Sauveur
Robert dArtois
Isabelle of France
Julianne dAlbret
Ferdinand I
Philippe of Evreux
Alix dIbelin
Eleanore de Vitre
Heloise of Ibelin
Gabrielle du Vallon
William of Lusignan
Madeleine de Harcourt
Philippa Hainault
Charles V
Adrienne de Rohan
Eleanor of Austria

My Favorites:

Kingdom of Conscience
Accursed Kings
Poisoned Crown

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I liked this point of view a lot! Great reading!
Mar 25, 2021 06:43 am
Great post! Thank you!
Feb 28, 2021 05:55 pm
Oct 14, 2020 05:32 am
Sep 25, 2020 05:27 am
I didn't know about these! Thank you for sharing!
Mar 26, 2020 05:44 pm

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