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   [Canon] Edward Sexby was born in the Fens of Suffolk, England in 1616 and was raised as the son of a gentleman. At some early point in his life, he became acquainted with death when while draining some of the marshes, bodies were found kneeling, their hands and feet bound in front of a cross. As a grown man he became a soldier for hire in Europe during the Thirty Years War, fighting on the Protestant side.

Hearing of the mounting tension in England, he returns hoping that he will soon have the pleasure of spilling blood in the name of war for his native country. Soon, this hardened mercenary who loves killing for pleasure is soon drawn to the aristocratic Angelica Fanshawe. Against her husband's wishes, he accompanies her to Newgate prison to visit with the renowned Leveller Honest John Lilburne, also at the meeting is fellow Leveller Thomas Rainsborough and a rising Parlimentarian, Oliver Cromwell. As the country slides into the civil war Sexby hoped for, he fights for the Royalists, only to later change to the Parliamentarians as he is inspired by Rainsborough's capabilities as a commander as well as his politics. When Angelica is cast out as the Devil's Whore, she saves him from brigands and he saves her from being raped and murdered. Later, after she married Rainsborough and his murder, Sexby saves her from a hanging. Having been asked by Rainsborough to protect her, Sexby offers marriage and they wed just before he goes to fight in Cromwell's New Model Army in Ireland. On his return, he finds her romantically linked with a young man, but when he discovers he's a spy out to undermine her and the Ranters she is associating with, he saves her life once again. With visions of Rainsborough haunting him, Sexby decides to take justice in his own hands and plots to assassinate Cromwell. It fails and he commits suicide.

Distinguishing Marks: A scar bisecting his left eye. A scar on his left cheek. Several scars on back. Lost left arm below the elbow in Ireland.

[Immortal Sexby] Much of Sexby's early life remains the same, except that he was found in the Suffolk Fens and adopted by his parents. It was at the Battle of Kineton (Edge Hill) that Sexby received a fatal wound (from Angelica's husband) and revived that night. It was Rainsborough who sensed him and pulled him from the battlefield, healed but frozen to the ground. Rainsborough took him on as a student, and when he was publicly killed and couldn't return, he left Sexby in charge of Angelica and to discover who was behind his murder. When that is revealed to be Cromwell, Sexby tries to assassinate him. Failing, due to betrayal, he kills himself so not to be imprisoned and probably beheaded, and then heads to the New World to join his mentor.

Since then, they have fought for freedom, and both still believe in the Levellers, although they call themselves Socialists now. Not always together, they are friends and lovers when they meet up again. All through his life, Sexby has kept his dark side and his love of shedding blood (although he's not a headhunter as such). Death has little effect on him. As he always says:

All must end in blood.


Disclaimer: Edward Sexby is from the UK Channel 4 mini-series, The Devil's Whore, and will be based on his depiction there rather than the historical Sexby. As such he belongs to Lionsgate and Channel 4. He is portrayed by John Simm, who is also not mine. For the purposes of this journal, and for my writing entertainment only, Sexby is a Highlander-style Immortal.

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