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Welcome to my Maailma! (="World")
You have made it further into the ancient & mysterious forests of Finland than most are able to!
This is the land of witches & sorcerers, of witch I am one! ;) Here, a sorcerer/-ess would sing their "runos" (sung/chanted spells). Finnish witches are renown for singing up a storm or calling a wind to fill a sail. I live by the ocean on a tiny island along the B�lagardssida coast of southwestern Finland. That you have made it up here to the home of the NorthStar ("Pohjant�hti") is impressive in itself! Our treacherous waters make it tough for most people to sail here. Most of the time one can find me in the waters off of B�lagardssida waylaying the missionaries coming to destroy our old ways.

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Nregr - The Wayward Blood of Kings - Out of Print
Zone : History
Zone : Science Fiction
Kingdom Hearts - Hearts Destiny

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Eyvisl Yngling
Fanny Fae
Uncle Sutekh
Neferneferuaten Nefertiti
Khaliq al Marid
Bayley Aylesford
Charlie Smith
Mogh Roith
Louella McCandles
Olin Winchester
William Townsend
Tristan Jones
J Sprocket Stemwinder
Anarane Elfwoman
Countess Marya Zaleska

My Favorites:

Zone : History
Once Upon A Forest
Ile de Torture ~ Tales of Pirates and Buccaneers
Nregr - The Wayward Blood of Kings - Out of Print
Inglourious Basterds = Out of Print
The Children of God's Body - Out of Print

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