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I am from the Svear tribe, we are famous sailors and traders, mighty warriors, and give our name to Svearland (Sweden). In swift ships, I sail upon the ocean as a fearsome sea-wolf. My crew and I are reknown for our skill and bravery in battle, many a great foe has fallen by my steel! Many more shall follow. With my seasoned-crew of stout warriors, I have taken many towns and even small cities as only one out of a thousand men can stand against these mighty Svear vikingr. It was said that the Svear were the tallest tribe men, of the Rus (who are said to decend from Svear) the same is said. Stand you before my long -steel bearing- arm? Ye be a brave fool!
The Yngling dynasty of Svearland is the oldest known of in Scandinavia, they are known to have lived in the Uppsala region. I maintain a place in Uppsala, Svearland but I mostly reside in Tr°ndelag, Nˇregr.
I have built piers and a drydock for my ship which is setting sail on her maiden voyage! The Ski­bla­nir shall sail to glory! The stone Longhouse I have built here is the beginning of a good homestead, I have fields, livestock, small-ponies, and a good furnace for melting ore.
These are the tales of my journeys far and wide, of the glory I take along the way. Come with me, swing steel, be written in song, our fame shall never fade! There will be time for rest, when we're dead! Finally the unveiling of Ski­bla­nir ! I have built a longship -my Drakkar- from trees that grew in my fathers lands, it is time to toss her in the water! This ship is named after Freyr's ship and shall be worthy of the name! Wanna be a Vikingr? Watch out what you wish for!
Noregr - The Wayward Blood of Kings

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Even with small lenght, I think this post is beautifully written. Well done!
Dec 02, 2011 03:15 am
Featured History Genre post for (on Log-in page) October 2010!
Nov 09, 2010 07:43 pm

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