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Emer has settled into a quite life since arriving in Dunadd. Since Talfryn has remained unmarried, his sister runs his household… such as it is. This suits the woman well. Although several prominent warriors have approached the chieftain in the hope of arranging an alliance by a marriage to his sister, Emer has consistently refused. Married once to a man all considered respectable, she discovered all too soon his hidden flaws. Bullied and mistreated, she finally took matters into her own hands when her husband offered her to a band of Niall raiders in exchange for his own freedom. Now a widow she enjoys her independence… and, aware that - despite the legal protection of the Brehons’ Code - many wives are still subjected to the tyranny of their husbands, has no wish to wed again.

Yet Emer is a woman who will not readily deny her desires… if she finds a man worthy of them.

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Sinann Mac an Rothaich

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