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Supporters Silver Medal
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by Keturah Oakley writing as Marion Faith Laird, currently on sale @ Amazon. Save 37% on the Kindle version now!

In The Western Trail Novel:

Brought back from finishing school in
Virginia before she is quite "finished,"
Keturah is thrust into the wild and wooly
world of a cattle drive because her father
refuses to leave the ladies of the Circle 7
Ranch behind, for fear of Fairington
Randolph, the ne'er-do-well who has designs
on Keturah.

In the Tombstone Novel:

Tombstone Member Banner
designed by Selwyn Starr.

Owner of several businesses in Tombstone,
including Oakley's Drygoods Emporium,
Oakley's Dressmaking,
Oakley's Ice Cream Parlor, and
Oakley's Books and Stationery.

This is Callie O'Neill, who accompanied me
on my journey through Europe and Asia.
She thinks I rescued her and insists on taking
care of me!

This is Tommy Rogers, the nine-year-old
son of Jase and Elinder Rogers, who take
care of my house.

This is Elinder Rogers, Tommy's mother,
who is my housekeeper and cook.
I don't know what I'd do without her!

This is Jase Rogers, who is officially my
"butler," although he does all kinds of work
around the house and grounds, especially
taking care of the horses and carriages. He's
teaching Tommy all about horses.

This is Katie Starr, whose mother, Selwyn,
was one of my best friends. Katie has no
one else now to care for her, and
I am going to see to it she has
a home.

This is Sadie Europe, who plays the piano
and sells ice cream at Oakley's Ice Cream
Parlor. She has had an interesting life, about
which I know little. I only know that I like
and trust her.

Keturah Oakley is a Proud Supporter of
the PanHistoria Reference Library


Thank you to WRITER'S BLOCK for my
short story
"An Unexpected Valentine"

"A Christmas Story" is no longer available on Pan, due to the crash, but I still appreciate the honor!

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The Western Trail - Out of Print
Zone : Westerns

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Wild West
Book of Ages
Writer's Block

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The Bandit Queen's Hideout

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Nellie Cashman
Beatrice Oakley
Cassandra Clanton
Wyatt Earp
Belle Starr
Permelia Brake
Synn Gardenn
Allie Earp

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The Most Valuable Oakley
March 2007

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