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Argent, on a chevron gules three swans naiant argent,
in base a laurel wreath sable

"Cragmere, Shire of
Notes: Campbell river, BC
Date added to Roll: February, 2002
Date Registered to Laurel: July, 1997
Source/Artist Credit: Aquaterra Pursuivant

Countess Ariana's arranged marriage to Nicholas of Cragmere, 2nd Earl of Cragmere has not been entirely unpleasant in the two years she had been in his household. The Earl is often away at court leaving her to manage the castle and household in his absence, allowing her private time to indulge in personal interests. The Earl is tolerant of her age and need for companionship, both male and female alike, and she surrounds herself with maidens close to her age. Clarice is her closet companion, her most trusted friend.

From a minor noble family with distant connections to official dignitaries, the match was made through her uncle upon the death of her father when she was 4 months shy of her 14th birthday. From that day forward she was schooled and groomed in preparation to wed the Earl. Nearly 32 years her senior that year, it was beneficial to both parties for the Earl earned additional favor in the courts with the expansion of his own wealth and lands. It was an agreed upon contract that would bind the properties and debts of her family to the estates of Cragmere. Ariana was not unwilling to do her part for her family, as is befitting her station...

I read Survivor! Pan Historia

A tale of love and courage between Celena Angelica Capprielli and the Irish-born pirate Michael Donovan O'Roarke as told by Ariana of Cragmere and John Flynn.

Michael O'Roarke & Celena Capprielli "Embrace The Storm"

Eight years have passed since Michael O’Roarke and Celena Capprielli found each other on Saint Mary’s Island. Together they had survived the threat of pirate’s on the high seas, timeless revenge, and certain death, their love and devotion to one other conquering all. But dark clouds were forming on the far horizon, threatening to destroy everything they had fought for, even as they lived and loved in their private paradise on Angel Island...Yet what they could not see ahead of them, an old enemy from Michael's past had been biding his time, waiting in the Wake of the Storm...waiting for the changing tide....

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Pan Historia Junction
Courtly Love - Out of Print
Zone : History
The Okee Dokee Corral
The Most Happy
Zone : Romance
1066: The Year of the Conquest - Out of Print
The Canopy Pirates

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The Symposia
Happily Ever After

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Survivor! Pan Historia
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Kindred Blood

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Good creation of atmosphere and character
Mar 11, 2017 02:13 pm
Great Story! I loved it so much! Thank you for all the effort and work.
Aug 25, 2012 09:56 am
An Amazing Read
Aug 04, 2012 12:44 pm
For all the wonderful work done at Zone:Romance. Great story and post!
Jun 26, 2011 01:54 am

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