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Full Name –Myka Joanna Bering
Birth Date –July 31, 2361
Birth Place –Santa Fe, New Mexico
Age --39
Profession-- Psychologist and Profiler
Race --Southwest American
Hair Color --Chestnut brown
Hair Style –Long, sort of wavy/curly, usually worn tied back
Shape and Features of Face – oval, pretty. Can look severe with hair pulled back.
Eye Color -- Hazel
Skin Tone –fair-skinned/clear
Any Scars or Distinguishing Marks -- She has a prosthetic half-left arm.
Build or Body Type –Medium, but without a spare ounce of fat.
Height –5’ 8”
Weight –140 pounds


Grandfather: Kelly James Bering (b.2300) Geologist; former Mayor of Santa Fe
Grandmother: Karen Laura Basinger-Bering (b. 2300) Children's book author
Father: Samuel Franklin Bering (b. 2327) State Trooper, rank of Captain in 2377
Mother: Clarice Ramona Freeman-Bering (b. 2328) Psychiatrist; former Mayor of Santa Fe
Brother: Jaycen Edward Bering (b. 2359) Architect; current Mayor of Santa Fe
Sister: Laine Marian Bering-Stafford (b. 2364) Republican. Congresswoman for the State of New Mexico in the House of Representatives.
Sister-in-law: Glenna Merrick-Bering (b. 2360) Architect
Brother-in-law: Michael John Stafford (b. 2362) Paramedic
Nephews: One each by her siblings
Nieces: One each by her siblings


Myka's family is very active in local and state politics in New Mexico, and also in their community. Her interests always ran to medicine and psychology, like her mother. She joins an ROTC program in high school, with the intention of joining the UENF Medical Corps and letting them pay for her medical training. Her family has always stressed self-sufficiency and initiative, so even though they don't like her joining the TCAF, they support her choice. She is focused and knows her own mind, and that is what matters to them.

She joins the TCAF officially the day after her eighteenth birthday, in 2379. She is given the medical training she wants--general practice with a background in psychology. She studies forensics in her spare time. The Alien Invasion in 2380 sends her to the front lines, like so many other medical personnel, and she serves in three different MASH units between then and April 2384. Beginning in February, she undergoes additional combat training, then finds herself reassigned.

In May 2384 she becomes the medic for a new Special Ops team, Bravo Five. Team leader is Lieutenant Allard Greybourne. Their handler is Major Cristobal Cortez. A tomboy, she is quickly accepted as 'one of the boys' and serves with the team with distinction for over three years as the War drags on.

In July 2387, Bravo Five is sent on a covert op to the planet Eden in the A Velorum System. The planet that began the Alien Invasion.

The mission is a success, but not without a price. Myka is caught in a crossfire. But even though Allard and Silsbee take out the men shooting at her, she is seriously injured. She takes a number of serious wounds, especially to her left arm, which she loses from just above the elbow. In hospital, she is fitted with the latest in prosthetic limbs and chooses to be invalided out of the military completely when she realizes that she can't remain in Bravo Five.

She returns home to Santa Fe to complete her physical therapy. She accepts a job at Christus St. Vincent Hospital. After a long talk with her parents about life goals, she studies to earn a second doctorate in Psychology and Criminal Profiling. Her intention is to become a Police Consultant. After her military service, she finds civilian life a bit boring, and frankly craves a little excitement.

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