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Heloise of Ibelin is the daughter of Agnes of Courtenay and Hugh of Ibelin, the lord of Ibelin and Ramla. Her father's family rose from relative modest means in the Holy Land. Heloise's grandfather, Barisan, a knight in the service of the Count of Jaffa, was appointed constable and married the heiress of Ramla, also named Heloise. In 1141 Barisan received the castle of Ibelin from King Fulk as a reward for his loyalty during the revolt of Hugh of Le Puiset, Count of Jaffa.

His first son, Hugh, inherited his lands in 1150 and in 1157 married Agnes of Courteney, the daughter of Count Joscelin of Edessa and Beatrice of Saone. But Hugh was captured in battle during the end of 1157 and Agnes was forcibly abducted and married by Amalric, Count of Jaffa and Ascelon, and the heir apparent of his brother, King Baldwin III. Agnes bore Amalric two children, the future King Baldwin IV and Sibylla. When King Baldwin III died unexpectedly, Amalric became King but had to divorce Agnes, whom many nobles believed was not fit to rule the Holy Land.

After her divorce Agnes remarried Hugh, who was freed from captivity. In 1164 they welcomed their first and only child, Heloise. Hugh of Ibelin died in 1169 during a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. His territories of Ibelin and Ramla passed to his brother Baldwin instead. This was mainly done to keep power away from Agnes. Or at least that is how the Ibelin family justified it. Why have Ibelin and Ramla pass to a girl or an unstable regent when it could be given to Baldwin and Balian, two very strong, and powerful men of the Kingdom. Her mother, angry, returned to Ascalon and Heloise stayed with the Ibelin family.

Heloise is now a girl of nineteen years. She stays in the court of her uncle, Baldwin of Ibelin, and is a close friend of his daughter, Marguerite. Heloise can be very outspoken, manipulative, and self-centered; quite a contrast to her quiet and shy cousin. Heloise despises her half siblings, Baldwin and Sibylla, and has never met them. She hopes she never does. And while Heloise has her moments of kindness and loyalty, she is mostly consumed by anger, bitterness and disappointment. It is only with the arrival of Princess Isabella of Jerusalem and her retinue that Heloise begins to see a way to obtain her revenge.

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