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They call me Hapuseneb. My wife, well, she calls me Hapi after the river god. She says it is because she can always count on me to give her what she needs.

My wife's name is Amenhotep, but I call her Tepi. Her parents named her after the Good God Amenhotep from the house of Tao because they wished to garner favor with the Lord of the Two Lands. I find that name unsuited to such a feminine thing as she. Her lips are soft and full, her eyes are large and black as obsidian. Her hair is her own, she does not wear a wig to hide its beautiful deep mahagony color. I love my wife with a passion born of years of faithfulness. I have no other concubines, I need no other concubines. I have only Tepi, the mother of my children of which I have quite a few!

I serve the Lady of the Two Lands Maatkare Hatsheput as her vizier and anything else she may have me do. You see, I am her faithful servant and she is my majesty as well as a dear friend. We grew up side by side, learning our lessons in the Kap. We played at childish games running through the vast halls of her fathers house, the great house of Kemet. She had always told me that she would rule this land and I, a foolish boy, would laugh and say that she never could because of her weaker sex. This would lead to my being jumped on and beaten within an inch of my puny life. Hatshepsut was a strong girl then and she has grown even stronger as a woman.

Ankh! Wedja! Seneb! To the House of Thutmose and to Maatkare Hatshepsut!

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The New Kingdom - Out of Cookies
Twisted Fate - Out of Print

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