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Wacky Doodle
Likes to Diddle
All the time
It is True

And if the World
Were a Perfect place
Then Diddlin's
All he'd do!

Wacky Doodle is a duck
Who really likes to ...
play games of luck
One day he tried
to cross the sky
And forgot he hadn't
Learned to fly
He fell down
And down and down
But never quite
Hit the ground
And you know what?
He'll be back

(chorus, a round, and in the background throughout)
We're bringing him back
Bring you right back
I'll bring you right back
They're bringing me back

Flap flap flap
But we forgot to
Show him how to
Fly again
Oops there he goes
Dropping slow
Yet the ground
Is coming up
Fast, so fast


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The Time Lords - Out of Print
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Pan Historia Junction
Zone : Fantasy

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Nerys of Cauld

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Zone : Fantasy
The Relic Hunters
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