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Georgia Black: Rogue Journalist

Name: Georgia Rose Black

Date of Birth: September 21, 2020

Age: 27

Family: Four brothers and three sisters, scattered throughout the US and all working in varied fields. Mum and Dad are moderately well-known naturalists David and Mirabai Black, currently crusading to save a colony of critically endangered sloths in Burkina Faso.

Relationships: Who has time? Men get in the way of pursuing the good stories.

Occupation: Screen journalist and news anchor, employed by Channel 99 for six months, employment recently terminated.

Employment History: After graduating from the University of Alabama with honours and a handful of degrees in Journalism, Film and Media, Georgia set out to gain some experience in the field before attempting to fulfill her dream of becoming a war correspondent. She worked several casual jobs for a year or two on newspapers and magazines before scoring her first TV job with Channel 86. That lasted three months, since she and the big boss didn't exactly see eye to eye on how to report on things as varied as hurricanes and celebrities; she was fired on the grounds of being "inflexible."

A few casual jobs and some freelance work later, she was offered a job on a current affairs channel, which she managed to keep for two years by staying in the background and largely doing research and other grunt work.

The job at Channel 99 was a godsend, giving her her first opportunity to be on TV, be a little independent and be noticed. She was given Montgomery as her field to cover major stories for the national news programs, and managed to be an almost regular face on the news by uncovering a number of breaking stories, from the Cyanon industrial espionage scandals to corruption in security companies to missing persons cases.

While Georgia thoroughly enjoyed her new role, she was careful to heed the warning fairly constantly coming her way to not become too much of a thorn in any one person's side. Therefore it came as a surprise when one of the biggest unfolding stories in recent Alabama history was shut down in the middle of a live feed, and her employment abruptly terminated - leaving her once again freelance, but with her sights set firmly on that same story.


Good points - Georgia was raised an idealist and she has remained one. She envisions a better world and strives to use her profession to achieve it, ideally by exposing social and environmental injustice wherever she finds it. She has been offered bribes to stay quiet by important people in that past, and instead gone ahead and exposed them. She refuses at any point to compromise her principles.

Bad points - Georgia has a nicotine habit that has thus far defeated numerous attempts to quit, compulsively swears off-camera and shamelessly manipulates both colleagues and subjects in her pursuit of a good story. She lives a high-stress lifestyle in which everything is neglected except for work, resulting in her living out of hotel rooms and cars.

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Panarin's Theory - Out of Print
Interstellar Geographic

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UnUnited States of America
The Theory

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Blaise Kingsley

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