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Gwen is 17 years old, she is finishing high school with okay grades and has plans to go to college. She has been on her own since she ran away at 12. She had seen her father, in a fit or rage kill her mother who had been planning to leave them. Sacred she took her already packed bags and ran.

Now she has a bit of an attitude and a hard edge to her but she considers it well earned but her clumsiness softens her a bit. Musically inclined, she copes with her life by writing and listening to it. A rocker her dark eyeliner and clothes suit her perfectly. She is always wearing a delicate silver necklace and along with a rosary that she never takes off and once belonged to her mother.

Her friends mainly Xavier and Nickolai know she is hiding something but anyone who knows Gwen is aware of her wrath when being pushed into something she doesnt want to do. For years she has raised herself and she feels has done a damn good job on her own.

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